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Intro in order to Online poker Datamining

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Should you study well-liked online poker discussion boards such as 2+2 as well as CardsChat, you’ve most likely observed a few pretty specialized conversations regarding “poker datamining”, as well as asked yourself exactly how it can benefit a person earn more income. In the following paragraphs We provides you with a good intro in order to online poker datamining as well as clean up a few typical myths.
What’s Online poker Datamining?
Online poker datamining is really a procedure exactly where a person gather (“mine”) hands histories (“data”) from the online poker space, without having taking part in the actual video games your self. Following getting gathered the actual fingers, you are able to transfer all of them inside a plan such as Pokertracker or even Hold em Supervisor, that will display sophisticated data how your own competitors perform.
How you can Datamine?
To be able to datamine you’ll need a unique plan known as the “handgrabber”. The handgrabber is really a little plan which will operate within the history as well as “watch” your pc with regard to online poker furniture, as well as conserve hands histories from their store in the event that this discovers any kind of. The majority of handgrabbers price close to 50$, as well as allow you to datamine upon 1 online poker space or even system.

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